With a background in film production and marketing, real estate may seem like an odd career choice; but this foundation allowed him to bring a unique perspective and skill set to first helping people buy and sell houses as a Realtor, and then to overseeing home renovations and large development projects.

In less than 5 years and starting with just $15,000 of initial capital he’s worked on dozens of real estate projects and owned millions of dollars worth of residential and commercial real estate.

His portfolio has included incoming producing rental real estate, commercial property, dozens of flip homes, and land development deals.

Projects though his business, Svelte Design, are centered on areas of urban growth and renewal. This has allowed him to develop an expertise and profitable niche in a very competitive business.

His web series #DeconstructingTheHomeShow has given an inside look to thousands of viewers who want to know the in’s and out’s of what running a real estate development company actually looks like!

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It’s our birthday!!! We’ve been remodeling houses and showing you how to invest in real estate for an entire year already With over 7k views on YouTube and over 60k views on Facebook it’s been an incredible journey… and we ARE

List Price: $275,000 MLS# 1227049 Neighborhood: Historic Government Hill Stats: 1,498 sq. ft. / 3 bed, 2 bath This rehab was a huge project! Contractor delays, weather, and working with the local historic society were some of the issues we faced as we brought this

List Price: $310,000 Neighborhood: Historic Dignowity Hill Stats: 1,873 sq. ft. / 3 bed, 2.5 bath When we started on this project the home had seen several poor quality additions throughout it years of use and neglect. When we really got into demo it