BiggerPockets Partnership Ep. 1: Saving A House From The Demolition List!

In the world of rehabbing houses there are projects… and then there are MONSTER rehabs! This is a monster.

This house was literally scheduled for demolition when I purchased it; mainly because the location is fantastic, and it has a quirky historic layout I thought deserved a second lease on life.


I’m also incredibly excited to announce a partnership with BiggerPockets the world largest network of real estate investors.


I was featured on their incredible podcast several months ago (Episode #204), and since then have been trying to figure out a way to work with this incredible company again.


That opportunity has started in the form of a video series about rehabbing this home in the Dignowity Hill Historic District.


What’s the scariest rehab you’ve ever undertaken? How did it turn out? Extra profitable, or full of unforeseen problems?


And please follow along for the rest of this exciting journey as we transform another historic home in downtown San Antonio.