Make Sure Your Flips Don’t Flop! – Floorplan Design

Creating a magnificent floorplan that makes sense is one of the MOST important elements of any flip project.

On this 2nd episode of my rehab video series with BiggerPockets we deep dive into what creating a good floorplan looks like.


You wouldn’t believe the number of rehabs I’ve been in that lacked a solid floorplan. I think that usually happens because investors are so excited to get into demo and putting Humpty Dumpty back together again, they forget that Humpty may need some plastic surgery.


To help me make sure this never happens to one of my projects I hire an architect to draw up full plans for the house. Yes, this is expensive. Yes, it is TOTALLY worth it.


Remember, your greatest value as the owner/investor of your company is assembling a team and then letting each member do what they excel in.


For probably the first year and a half of my rehabbing journey I wanted to design my own homes and spent the time reworking messed up layouts. When I finally pulled the trigger on an architect the homes looked better, felt better, and I got to spend more time focusing on activities that maximized my skill set.


I challenge you to try hiring a professional to draw your layouts at least once. You can always go back to the old way, but if you’re like me the extra expense has paid dividends in helping my business grow and expand.


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