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“If you don’t know where you’re going any train will take you there…”   I’m sure we’ve all heard this quote but

Whether you like it or not, construction is a huge part of being a real estate investor and house flipper. The

We are clearly in the middle of a massive push back to urban living, sustainable design, and gentrification of old

I’m a professional “house flipper” and real estate developer in San Antonio, TX. Here’s my experience rehabbing one of the

Do you remember when the internet started to gain mainstream adoption?

One of the scariest parts of buying a rehab is feeling confident you are analyzing the deal correctly.   Mess this up,

Flipping houses is a sometimes very complicated process. You are trying to fix up a property that's outdated or that has

Managing your jobsite correctly will make or break your next rehab project.   Just released another episode in my collaboration with BiggerPockets and

Hello Investors!   I'm ramping up our wholesale marketing efforts up for 2018 and I want to help connect you with a

“Failing to plan is planning to fail…”   …remember that quote? I think I found it incredibly annoying growing up as my