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          Sign up right now and over the next several days you will receive everything you need to begin your career in real estate! When I started investing in real estate I had no idea where to start! There were endless articles, videos, and gurus telling me that they could lead me down the path of real estate riches. Were these people even investing or just selling newbies their high priced courses? All the information you’re going to receive has been highly curated to help you prepare your mind, finances, and team to invest successfully.

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1. A guide to preparing yourself to invest – Starting with a proper foundation is imperative to long term real estate success. In this video we will look at the three main areas you must focus on before you start writing checks, and buying real estate.


2. Plan Your Investing Strategy – Creating a plan of where you want your business to take you will help you avoid all the potential distractions that waste your time and money. In this video we will work together to plot out your first moves in the real estate investing world.


3. The Importance of A Team – Surrounding yourself with the right people is the difference between success and failure. I started out trying to do everything myself and that was a huge mistake. In this guide we will discuss the most important members of your team, and how to find them.


4. What Your First Investment Should Be – Having trouble deciding between single family or multifamily? Flip house or rental? In this episode we discuss the main areas of real estate you can invest in, and where to start!


5. Overcoming Fear & Taking Action – So many people study and never do anything with the knowledge they’ve gained. Are you going to stay in “learner mode” forever or start pulling the trigger on deals? The success I’ve had is directly tied to me being willing to take risk, and implement on what I learn.

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