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Chris F Gill

Success Motivation: How To Reverse Engineer Your Perfect Future

“If you don’t know where you’re going any train will take you there…”


I’m sure we’ve all heard this quote but have you thought through how you’re going to get to wherever you want to go to?


(I know, little bit of a tongue twister!)


Over the past few years as I’ve worked to grow a real estate investing business I’ve always found more success and clarity when I take some time and really think through/plan out what my goals are.



Some of the questions I ask myself are:


  1. Why am I doing this activity in the first place?
  2. In a perfect world, where do I want this to take me?
  3. How much time am I willing to invest in this opportunity?
  4. How much money do I want this activity to make me?
  5. What other people do I need to involved in this activity to make it successful?


The more detailed you can get the better!


Here’s where reverse engineering comes into play: if you clearly know and can define what your goal is all you have to do is map out the specific steps to get you to that outcome.


That may sound totally obvious to you, but how often do you start working on something without clearly defining what your objectives are?


I’ve done it plenty of times!


So instead of saying “I want to be a successful real estate investor!”…


Try something like “I want to be a successful real estate investor who looks at 10 deals a month, closes 2 of them, and the average profit I want per deal is $25,000!”


With the second phrase you now have something you can begin planning the specific steps it takes to accomplish that goal.


What type of marketing do you need to be doing?


How much cash/investor funds do you need on hand to close those 2 deals a month?


What does your construction/value add team need to be focusing on to average $25,000 profit per deal?


An example in my own business and life is I’m starting to purchase apartment complexes.


But before I start any marketing, contacting owners, brokers, etc. I’ve taken the time to figure out the team I need to do this effectively, what price range we are looking at, how many units we want each complex to be, etc.


Once I have these variables defined I know what I’m after and can more quickly weed out deals that don’t fit within my predetermined deal profile.


I challenge you to take some time and think through the goals you have for yourself personally or in business.


Have you defined theses?


Do other people know what you are after?


Do YOU know what you are after?


If you can’t clearly answer these questions take some time and dive into the “what” and “how” of your goals.


Use the power of starting with the end in mind to reverse engineer your life and business into the perfect future you are after!


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